Karl Heideck supports the new car seat law in PA

Karl Heidceck is a lawyer who takes time to inform the public about legislation and laws that are passed by the legislators of the state of Pennsylvania. He has many writings on the changes that have been taking place in recent times. One of the topics that he has written on recently is the law that was passed by the state regulating how the two-year kids are carried in cars. The law which is known as car seat law was passed to regulate the transport industry. The purpose of the law is to control the number of deaths that have been occurring involving children. According to the statistics from AAA. There was very many death that was associated with car accidents in the United States as a preventive measure the legislators observed that the best way to deal with the problem having a law that will determine how children should sit in a car. According to a research that was done, there is a relationship between sitting position and the deaths that we see. If children are protected, then there is likelihood that these unnecessary deaths can be avoided all together. Karl Heideck sees this as a law that will go very far in ensuring that the safety of the children is enhanced.

According to the law, children who are of two years and below should be secured in a car seat that is facing to the rear of the car. According to research, a rear facing seat has more likelihood of protecting the child’s fragile bone from fractures during accidents. The car seat law which was passed on August 2016 came into full force in the August of 2017, after the grace period of one year elapsed. Law enforcers were tasked with the responsibility of reminding car owners and drivers on the importance of abiding by the law. However, now that the law is in full force, some charges are to be made to drivers who have not complied with the law. The law states that failure to comply will attract a fine of $125.

About Karl Heideck

Karl helideck is a commercial lawyer in Philadelphia. He attained his law degree from the Temple University Beasley School of law. In 2009. For almost a decade now, he has been practicing law and hopes that he will help as many people as possible get justice. Some of the areas that he has specialized in include; employment law, civil law, legal research and intellectual property law. Recently, he has been dealing with cases of securities and bank frauds.

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