Josh Verne’s Five Key Tips To Get On The Path To Success In Your Business And Personal Life

In the interview Josh Verne had on the Knowledge For Men’s Podcast channel, Mr. Verne highlighted five key tips to put one on the track to success in his or her professional career and personal life. Below is a short summary of these tips that can be found on the Knowledge For Men’s website. Mr. Verne is currently the CEO of, an online site that publishes content for college students. It also fosters a supportive community for this demographic.


For business people Josh Verne says that you must stop viewing yourself as a boss. Put yourself in the mind frame of being a leader instead. Verne distinguishes between a boss and a leader in the following ways. A boss demands that he be shown respect because he is in a higher ranking position or is the owner of a company. He also does what is best for him, with little to no regard for his employees and other parties.


A leader is very different according to Josh Verne. Leaders garner trust by earning it through their actions. A leader thinks what is best for the entire team and the entire company and all of the parties involved in a business. With this approach, leaders are able to accomplish much more and get more produvicity from their workers. Lead your business says Verne, if you want to be successful.


For everybody else, including business people, Josh Verne says that achieving the right balance in your life is the key to being happy. Balance does not mean spending an equal amount of time in all parts of your life. Rather, balance means ensuring that you make progress in all facets of your life and that they are in good shape. This includes your health, family, career and relationships.


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