Jose Neto Uses His Expertise to Build JHSF

Leadership defines the direction that a firm takes in terms of success. Often, a leader is in charge of making critical decisions when the team is faced with challenges. Even if not, a leader is still in charge of docking the ship and deciding the right time for docking. An astute leader upholds team work and honesty when dealing with staff. A successful leader controls the team in order to come up with excellent results. These features define Jose Neto, a serial entrepreneur who has massively invested in JHSF.


Jose is the president of JHSF. Since his appointment, he has been active at building friendly client relationships with the aim of maintaining a good rapport. Jose understands the basis of involving oneself with the daily happenings of the team. As a Brazilian executive leader, Jose has ensured that JHSF, a leading firm in real estate, has earned a huge client base. The real estate company focuses on commercial property development. With Jose on board, the company has diversified its portfolio into four different categories namely:

Shopping Malls

  • Airports
  • Restaurants
  • Offices

Perhaps, this is one of the best strategies that the company uses to reach out to various market niches. With a focus on developing commercial property, Jose has successful implemented strategies that can be used to attract many clients. It is projected that five years from now, the business shall have expanded to different geographical areas aside from Brazil. Currently, the company enjoys revenues from top notch malls like Cidade Jardim, a leading mall at the centre of Brazil.


Jose Neto attended the prestigious Fundacao Armando Penteado University. His strong academic background contributed to his appointment for the chair. Coupled with managerial skills, Jose Neto incorporates team work at JHSF. Jose is an admirable leader. He has built JHSF into a dream business for most entrepreneurs. As a leader, he is admired for his calm nature and ability to maintain clients through excellent customer service. It is through his experience and leadership ability that JHSF has expanded its territories in Brazilian market. He continues to develop unmatched policies for his business.


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