Jose Borghi’s Innovation is Seen Once More with the Development of Abriu, Sorriu

The Mullen Lowe Brasil Agency led by CEO Jose Henrique Borghi took innovation to a higher level by developing the sensational Abriu, Sorriu for Sanchez Cano’s Fini. Abriu, Sorriu is an offline communication model that can be installed in the packaging of a product and then used to pass a message programmed into it.

The Purpose of Abriu, Sorriu

Fini Company contracted the Mullen Lowe to develop Abriu, Sorriu on their behalf, with the intention of spicing up the firm’s packaging. The company produces a variety of sweets, such as licorice, jelly candies, and marshmallows. With Abriu, Sorriu installed in its packaging, Fini hoped believed that the app would be speaking different messages to clients upon opening the package. This communication model was a well-thought strategy for Fini, and a high level of innovation on the side of Borghi and his ad firm.

Mullen Lowe also designed seven unique communication models, each being compatible with a particular film. These special models can be connected to a TV and carry Fini’s advertisement messages. This was a strategy by Fini that sought to campaign in a fun way. According to Jose Borghi, creating the campaign was equally fun. He expressed optimism that the campaign would yield the expected results, especially given the pleasure that it brought to customers.

About Jose Borghi

Jose Borghi’s advertising career stretches to 29 years. His first employer in the industry was Standard Ogilvy where he worked as an agent for seven years. Upon quitting the agency in 1994, he joined DM9DDB. It’s at this agency that Borghi masterminded Parmalat’s advertise that advocated for the rights of people living with Down’s syndrome. His other creative campaigns of that time were the Itau, Carlinhos, and INBEV.

Borghi left DM9DDB for Leo Burnett in 1999. It was in this agency that he got the chance of serving on the executive board after assumed the chief creative officer post. In 2001, he was promoted to become the agency’s CEO, a position he held until he left in 2002. After leaving Leo, Borghi established his firm named BorgiErh. This company metamorphosed into Mullen Lowe.



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