Jason Hope Looks For Major Technology Breakthroughs To Come From The Airline Industry

The airline industry has always looked to take advantage of the latest in technological innovations that can be seen as providing great levels of success for the industry in providing comfort and luxury for all. The futurist Jason Hope is hoping to see new innovations make their way into the airline industry that will make air travel safer and more comfortable at all levels.

Passengers will see the innovations begin from the moment they book their tickets with Jason Hope believing the first level of innovation has already begun with the arrival of east check in desks and Online reservation options. An innovation that seems to excite Jason Hope is the use of wireless beacons that allow visitors and passengers to airports to be directed to their gate on time and provide details of the refreshment and entertainment options also available.

The work of Jason Hope as an entrepreneur and philanthropist began after the Scottsdale native completed his studies at Arizona State University; since these early days Hope has become one of the world’s leading innovators in gaming technologies and the rise of mobile app’s.

One of the areas that has been of great interest to Jason Hope has been the growing level of interest he has in fighting the damaging effects of aging; unlike other futurists, Jason Hope is looking to develop new ways of fighting age related illnesses and medical conditions through his major financial contributions to the SENS Foundation. As early as 2010, Jason Hope provided $500,000 in support to the the SENS Foundation to begin its work on the rejuvenation of the human body as members of the human race age and see their health decline.

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