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Remarkably, NexBank continues to be one of the largest growing financial institutions in the southeast. They pride themselves on having services guaranteed to put your hard earned money to work for you. In an unstable financial economy, NexBank understands the importance of being a part of a stabilized financial industry. As a trusted network, they’re proudly backed by over $40 billion dollars says, their stockholders. You can also trust your money is secured with FDIC insurance and you will receive 0% liability on all fraudulent transactions on your Mastercard issued by their bank. You also have a reliable team of professionals available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What’s New

NexBank has created many advanced technological features with complete online banking available. One financial magazine has said, they’ve earned well over 246,000+ more customers from a strong online platform. Their customers are able to avoid the long lines at the bank on Friday when they’re cashing their check by handling many services conveniently online. Choose from many different services and features including retirement and investment opportunities. Best of all, say goodbye to huge fees associated with traditional bank services in comparison to their competitors.

NexBank Services

– anytime access to your account

– no fee ATM services

– easily switch money in between accounts

– free checks

– money marketing accounts

– multiple device capability

– IRA accounts

– responsive customer service

– and much more…

John Holt, NexBank CEO and president, has implemented a college savings program with an average of a 36% reduction on government student loans. Many students have become prey of student loans to cover the cost of college and their parents are overwhelmed by the rising costs of tuition. You’re invited to learn more about the superior features and services available through NexBank today.

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