Is A Boob Hat Really A Problem?


A women suffering from breast cancer was called a “sick freak” by another lady in a store for wearing a knitted boob hat. She wrote to her local paper to explain that she was wearing the hat in hopes that it would raise breast cancer awareness. This begs for an answer to the question, “Is wearing a boob hat really a problem?”

If I am being completely honest here I have to say that I myself would probably feel too uncomfortable to sport a boob hat, however my grandpa had one. That’s right. My grandpa, Flavio Maluf,  who was a well liked and funny guy, had a boob hat. I remember those yellow foam boobs glued on a baseball cap quite clearly. So around 20 years ago an old guy sports a boob hat just because he thinks it’s funny and no one ever complains but in modern society a women wears one for a purpose and is insulted. It makes no sense to me.

So, no, I don’t think that wearing boob hat should lead a stranger passing by in a store to publicly insult another person, breast cancer patient or not. Maybe the insensitive woman who said such hurtful things to someone she didn’t even know can serve as a reminder to all of us to use our freedom of speech to help others instead of tearing them down.

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