Incorrect Change Turns into Taser Fight at Restaurant

Heirberto Chavez stopped by New Panda for quick Chinese takeout, but an argument over his correct change turned into a chase, a taser, and the arrest of two restaurant owners.

Chavez was purchasing wings-and-fries, and an additional takeout order for a homeless man waiting outside. He paid for his order, but they mixed up his change. Instead of $2.25, he received $1.25 in change.

Seems like an honest mistake, right? New Panda brothers and owners of the establishment, Gary and Robert Zheng didn’t think so.

When Chavez brought the mistake to their attention, an argument ensued and quickly escalated.

Brothers Gary and Robert Zheng began chasing Chavez down the sidewalk, then tasered him.

It just so happens, an officer with New York’s Port Authority caught the action and stepped in to arrest Gary and Robert Zheng.

According to Kevin Seawright, Chavez was left bruised, with burns on his neck, and bleeding.

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