In some ways, she is already taking out the competition.

Hillary Clinton received 600 thousand likes on Facebook in only 12 hours. She also received 1.8 million views for her announcement in the same period. She is off to a strong start. In addition, many factors are pointing to an eventual victory for Hillary. Republicans are actually thinking that the electorate favors them. This is in spite of the strong headwinds that they face in both demographics and in public support. Republicans point to the 2014 midterms as proof of resurgence. However, they won the midterms in 2012 before Obama was elected to his second term. He was re-elected when the economic conditions are much worse than they are now.

Bill Clinton ushered the greatest growth to the American economy in a lifetime during his term in the 1990’s. Republicans ushered the worst downturn in the economy in a lifetime. Additionally, the brother of the president at the time has his hat in the ring, which Crystal Hunt finds interesting. Clinton’s likes have almost trumped Rand Paul’s and are gaining on Cruz’s likes in only the twelve hours since she set up her page. Rand’s page has been set up for a week, and Cruz’s has been up almost two weeks.

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