Ian King Gives His Perspective On The State Of Cryptocurrency Heading Into 2018

Cryptocurrency trader Ian King has an extended history of trading and analyzing the condition of the financial markets. King is adept at monitoring ripple, litecoin, bitcoin, and other crypto-assets.

Ian King began his career at Salomon Brothers before heading to Citigroup. King was also a head trader at the hedge fund Peahl Capital. Ian King currently works at Banyan Hill Publishing to help people stay aware of the latest news on the crypto market. King plans on creating a crypto trading class.

Ian King is monitoring the emergence of cryptocorns. Capitalists have labeled lucrative startup companies as unicorns. Venture capitalists and net worth investors have reaped the rewards instead of regular investors. Everyday investors are looking for a way to earn some of the high returns generated through these investments. Crypto assets have risen all over the World. Many corporations are enlisting the services of blockchain experts to create ways for cryptography to get added to some new business ventures.

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Ethereum has helped create thousands of new blockchain projects. Entrepreneurs are searching for new ways to add blockchain technology to help them solve daily issues according to banyanhill.com. Unique investors are providing financial support. There is a high demand for the blockchain products. Analysts are predicting that prices will rise higher than the market is anticipating.

The cryptocorn will rise in 2018. Bitcoin’s crypot market share has dropped substantially as ethereum and litecoin, among others have gained momentum. Altcoins are also emerging through a new mechanism known as initial coin offerings. Altcoins combine venture capital and stock offerings. The number of altcoins continues to rise every year. Investors can use altcoins to gain insight into the companies with market liquidity. Investors are then able to see where most of the gains occur at. This will greatly enhance the quality of their investment. Google is likely to enter into the altcoin market.

There are also new apps on the market that are helping make the buying and selling of bitcoin a lot easier for investors. Investors can exchange other currencies for bitcoin. Many investors take advantage of the fact that the market is always open. Transactions can occur late at night or early in the morning.

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