How to Improve Search Engine Optimization

Correctly selecting the keywords that will net the most searches from internet users, and act as the optimal search engine tool is difficult. In fact, there is a whole field of businesses dedicated to search engine optimization, usually shortened to the acronym SEO. There are various different approaches that businesses and advertisers can take to SEO, but there are a few guidelines that all approaches and methods should follow.

Whatever you decide to write about, make sure to condense the main idea of the article into less than three words? Is the article about painting a home? “Home painting,” or “house painting.” What about trying to find a local doctor? “Doctors near me,” “local doctors,” or “highest reviewed doctors” are all sufficient key words.

There are various programs online that allow people to look at the most searched keywords and phrases, which allows advertisers to find the most commonly used word or phrase that pertains to or is closely associated with the topic at hand.

Never, ever place keywords in an advertisement, blog post, or article that do not fit naturally. This is called “stuffing,” and almost always defers potential customers or viewers from clicking on that link. Much better results are achieved from properly placing keywords or phrases in an article, when the desired words are inserted naturally into a sentence, rather than jammed in the entirety of an article that makes absolutely no sense to readers.

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Place the keywords in the article, but make sure the keywords fit naturally. The title is one of the most important things about an advertisement or piece of literature. The title is one of the first things that visitors will look at, and a good or bad title can literally make or break someone staying on that page, or clicking the “back” button and finding something else to look at.

Make sure to reword the keyword or phrase multiple different ways in the article, but stick to using that keyword as the main word or collection of words. If someone sees that the article is chock-full of one word, there stands a pretty good chance of that person bouncing from the website.

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