How Dr. Mark Holterman is Promoting Advances in Medicine through Mariam Global Health

Dr. Mark Holterman made a name for himself in the medical field in the U.S. through his efforts to educate others and perform surgeries. Dr. Holterman is also on a mission of helping in the research of new therapies. He manages to stay abreast with the advances in medicine through his CEO position at Mariam Global Health. Courtesy of his CEO position at this company, he interacts with patients, scientific researchers, and other successful medical practitioners. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holterman at OSF Healthcare.

As a philanthropist, Dr. Holterman has interests in health-related charitable organizations and programs. The International Paediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam is one of the beneficiaries of Dr. Holterman’s charitable donations. Dr. Holterman is passionate about inspiring others to volunteer during times of need for compassionate causes.

Mariam Global Health is an investment and global business management company. The company partners with other healthcare companies to formulate solutions to some of the complex health problems. Mariam Global is reputable for its research efforts on new areas of medicine. The company develops new technologies by investing capital and time in the best management practices.

Dr. Holterman’s role at Mariam Global Health is to oversee the company’s interests in healthcare research. He ensures that the firm encourages global investments in some health-related businesses. He uses his researching experience to contribute to the firm’s research activities on new areas of medicine. Visit to view Dr. Mark Holterman’s profile.

Dr. Mark Holterman’s Career Background

Besides his leadership position at Mariam Global Health, Dr. Mark Holterman teaches at the renowned University of Illinois School of Medicine. He joined the higher learning institution as a full-time professor back in 2011. He practices pediatric surgery at Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital and St. Francis Medical Center.

Dr. Mark Holterman has several medical presentations, texts, and papers released under his name. Most of his works are themed on bariatric surgery, which is a treatment for obesity. Dr. Holterman also researched on how stem cells can be used in modern therapies. One of his studies focused on how a synthetic trachea can be made from the bone marrow cells of a patient.


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