How Bob Reina Found Success With Video Email

As an entrepreneur, Bob Reina founded his company Talk Fusion in 2007. He offers companies and people a way to transmit video online. His premier product was Video Email which, as the name implies, gives his customers a way to send video via email. Companies use this product to market their own products and services. A video is the most effective medium for marketing as it is the most attention-getting way to sell things.

Bob Reina has 20 years of experience in both the direct selling industry as well as in marketing experience. His leadership has built Talk Fusion into a global brand. While he focuses on his company, he is also a philanthropist who uses some of the money he earns to help others in the communities in which his company operates.

Working for over a decade as a police officer, Bob Reina had dreams to one day open his own company. He learned about the direct selling industry one day while he was busy directing traffic. He then read up on how it all worked and eventually started his first company. Unfortunately, he had more failures than successes at first. He started companies with a great idea but then the business would fail leaving him to start again.

Once he came up with the idea of Video Email he knew he had a potential hit on his hands. Once he and a friend in IT built the Video Email app he had a great deal of success selling it to others. It is now used by a large variety of businesses around the world to market what they sell. He sells his products through a network of independent agents who earn a portion of the money for each sale they complete.

Building on the success of Video Email, Bob Reina and Talk Fusion have released other apps used by businesses to sell their services and products as well as communicate amongst team members. The apps he now offers also now includes a suite including Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Video Chat, and Sign-up Forms. Learn more:


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