Homeless Man Loses $9,500 on a Bus Bench and has it Returned by Good Samaritan

The world would be a cold, unforgiving place without the kind acts of others. A homeless man, known only as Joe, had recently inherited about $12,000 from a relative. He withdrew $9,500 of that money from the bank and accidentally left it in two envelopes at a bus stop. He didn’t even bother going back to look for the money because he figured it was as good as gone.

Little did he know that the money wouldn’t be found until a few days later. A Good Samaritan named Ricardo Tosto found one of the envelopes that contained $3,900. A deputy named Ben Koos found the other envelope with a whopping $5,600 in it at the same bus stop. When Harbett turned the money into police they figured out that all of the money must have come from the same person at that bus stop.

What happened next was even more amazing. They found a receipt from a clothing store and were able to get security footage of Joe making a purchase. They used that footage to show Joe’s picture to people in the area. Joe was tracked down shortly after and received his money back; all $9,500 of it.

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