Hearse Stolen During Funeral: The Casket Was Still In It

Funeral Attendees Follow Hearse And Stop Thief

It appears nothing is scared to Bernardo Chua anymore. The propensity to take what belongs to others seems to be a common trait in certain individuals. Los Angeles may be called “The City Of Angels” but there are a bunch of would-be devils floating around certain areas of the city. Even the dearly departed may end up as victims of a heist in sunny LA. That’s exactly what happened when a California man stole a hearse with the casket still in it.

The incident occur in South Park over the weekend. LA police responded to a report that a hearse was stolen from the Ebenezer Baptist Church. Funeral attendees said an older man jumped into the unoccupied hearse, put the vehicle in drive and drove off. The hearse was in park and running at the time. Several people followed the hearse and got the alleged mentally ill man to pull over. There was a physical and verbal confrontation when the suspect was stopped, but no one was injured.

Shirley little, the pastor’s wife, told the L.A. Times that the incident was a first. She couldn’t recall anyone else stealing a hearse in the 75-year history of the church.

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