Gregory Aziz: The Man Taking On The Legacy Of National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz is someone who has an incredible amount of experience working in the engineering and motor sector. Currently, he is the chief operations officer for a company known as National Steel Car. The company is one of the sub companies of the large corporation National Industries, which is based in Canada. The company is one of the largest producers and manufacturers of rolling stock in North America. Over seventy percent of the total train cars used in North America are produced by National Industries and its subsidiary companies.

The company has been putting out its machinery since 1912 and till today stands as one of the leading companies in the sector. For a company with such a brilliant legacy of over hundred years, Gregory Aziz had a huge responsibility in front of him. However, he knew this when he took on the position and was ready to fulfill this with stride. He knew he would be able to perform the role of CEO of such a large company brilliantly and efficiently. He has been vital to the growth of the company and has benefited them immensely. Since taking over as the CEO of the company, National Steel Car has had some of its most profitable years.


Gregory Aziz has a lot of experience working with businesses that have been going on since before he was born. Prior to working for National Steel Car, he used to work at a company that was run by his family. The family used to import goods from different countries and sell them at wholesale prices in Canada. The business proved to be extremely profitable, which is what helped Gregory Aziz and his family reach the position that they are in today. Working with his family’s company gave him the experience he needed to go on and help another company retain its name and legacy.


Gregory Aziz decided to stop working for his family company in the 1980s and decided to move to New York to work in the field of finance. He saw a good amount of success while he was there, which was also the first time he was introduced to National Steel Car. He was part of a team that was working to strategically improve the conditions of the company and help it with its expansion. Having such a good experience working for the company, Gregory Aziz decided to move to them and work with them full time.



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