Goettl Increase Their Success Using A Back To Basics Approach

The Goettl brand has been in operation since 1939 and has built a reputation for providing success and excellent customer service in various areas of the HVAC industry across the world, and in the 21st century has become focused on providing support to consumers in the southwest of the U.S. Under the leadership of new owner Ken Goodrich, the Goettl brand has become a major source of success in the HVAC industry with a focus on providing the best possible customer service to all those technicians and support staff come into contact with.


Over the course of the history of Goettl a major focus has always been placed on making the company a popular part of the local community that has seen the brand provide free equipment and servicing to those who are struggling to make their homes comfortable with outdated or broken equipment. The work of Goettl in this area continues and has been expanded upon during the ownership of Ken Goodrich with increasing numbers of consumers feeling the love and assistance provided to them by Ken Goodrich and one of the world’s leading HVAC innovators.


Ken Goodrich has built a close relationship with the College of Southern Nevada, which is centrally located in a position that allows technicians to take up roles with Goettl in both Nevada and Arizona. Goodrich and Goettl have sponsored the HVAC technician program at the school in a bid to make sure the people of the service areas are served by the best educated technicians available.


Goettl has also looked to ensure the passage of military veterans into the HVAC industry is a smooth and simple one, which includes the awarding of scholarships to a range of students at the College of Southern Nevada as they seek to join Goettl and its history of excellent customer service.


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