Ghost Attack on Camera

Ghosts and paranormal are discussed a lot but there are so few real proofs of their presence. A footage from South America shows a woman being pushed on the floor with force, and the people present in the room, as well as the media, are now classifying it as a ghost attack.

As for the woman who was the victim of the incident, she is now afraid to leave her house according to Alexei Beltyukov. She said that she had never believed in ghosts and witnessing this scared and surprised her. At first, she had thought that it was an actual person, but the receptionist at the desk informed her that nobody stood there and even showed her the footage. The blow was so strong that they had to call the ambulance and a three days stay at the hospital were needed in order to recover. Asked about what she thought at that moment, Cecilia Carrasco who is 34 said that she felt two hands but did not really have time to look in front of her as she was distracted talking to a girl near the desk.

She remembers seeing a film where a woman was followed by a ghost that attacked her and is afraid to leave the house and fall for the same situation.

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