Getting Up Close and Personal with Clay Siegall

The world will be a much better place when the medical community finds a way to deal with cancer once and for all. Everyone in the field is doing all they can to make sure that the condition is managed and treated for the time being. Clinical researchers have been developing and testing drugs which can be used in the treatment and they have come up with some good improvements to the older drugs, especially in the past decade. Clay Siegall, Co-founder, CEO and co-owner of Seattle Genetics, one of the most successful clinical trials companies has been dishing out on his success in the field.


Every success story starts with the inspirational moment. When Clay was a young man, a close family member to him was diagnosed with cancer. The cancer was not very advanced so it was hoped that it could be managed with time. However, the treatment regimes that were used to manage the condition, especially the chemotherapy almost killed the patient. This is when Clay realized that a lot needed to be done to improve the effectiveness of the treatment alternatives which are being used to manage cancer and hence, the idea to one day start a clinical trials company was born.


When he got his PhD in genetics from the George Washington University, he got employed by several research companies. However, he always felt that heeded to do more in the field and after a decade of employment, he left to start his own company. Seattle Genetics was started in 1998, and since then he has never looked back. It was listed in 2006 under NASDAQ after its first IPO.


Clay confides that it is now, 10 years after listing that the company has become successful to the extent of making six figures annually. He also adds that there were times he thought the company couldn’t pull through because it was really hard to get by with little to no profits. But he adds that having a team who understood the value of what they were doing helped him a lot. He hopes that things will get better with time, and that he will spread his influence even further beyond the current scope.


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