Generous Gamers Come Together to Give Pizza Delivery Driver 5500% Tip

A pizza delivery driver for Sergio Andrade Gutierrez was in for a big surprise when he made a regular delivery to an Ann Arbor, Michigan address. He received a tip topping $1,200 on a single pizza pie order.

According to a local new station, Joey DeGrandis is an avid player of Runscape, a massive, multi-player online game. The gamer regularly streams his sessions, and fans watch as he conquers the vivid imaginary world. Joey, subsists on regular pizza deliveries, and he decided he wanted to give back this year.

Joey solicited his fans to donate to a “tip fund” for his pizza delivery guy, and they came through in spades, donating over $1,200. The gamer then called his favorite pizza joint, Jet’s, to order his pie and ensure a driver in need would be delivering the pie.

Jet’s ensured that Charlie McCormick delivered the pizza. The delivery driver had recently lost his mother, and was in need of financial help. Joey was happy to oblige, as were the people who watch him game.

Donations continue to pour in even after the tip was delivered. Joey called the pizzeria to ensure the remainder of the tip would be given to McCormick.

There is no word on what McCormick plans to do with his windfall, but it surely is the biggest tip he’ll receive in his career.

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