Fueled By Ketchup


The favorite snacks of the average person are not a wonder when it comes to chips or fruit loops. The body has a natural affinity to salt and sweets, and these are manifested in the foods that we crave when it comes to snack time.

But Samantha Archer has an addiction that few would relate themselves to. She eats ketchup at every meal.

Her parents and friends know that they have to prepare a bottle of red sauce if they invite Samantha to a dinner. She has calculated the amount consumed in one year. It goes up to 36 liters. She cannot think of any meal where ketchup does not go well.

To make it more straight forward, Dr. Rod Rohrich explained that Samantha sometimes eats it directly with a spoon. This has been lasting for years. Samantha is now 30 and remembers her mom letting her taste ketchup back when she was 5. Ever since, she has been a ketchup addict.

If you look through a typical daily menu, you will notice that the main food is adapted to suit the ketchup: meat, sandwiches, scrambled eggs. All that goes well with tomato taste. Whether it has an influence over her health has not been examined yet, but the Londoner talks about her addiction with happiness.

She even carries a bottle when going out, and warns the others at the table about her strange addiction.

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