Fox Hired In Chicago

John Fox was just hired by the Chicago Bears as their next head coach. The Bears had a terrible run with Marc Trestman, and they need to get back to winning while they still have a young Jay Cutler on the roster. The roster itself is stacked with offensive talent, and Fox should be able to steady the team so that they can fix the defense.

When Fox is able to get his hands on the volatile Cutler, he might be the calming voice that is needed to make sure that Cutler is only throwing the ball to Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey and hand it off the Matt Forte. Cutler will be able to make sure that the team is scoring as long as he is willing to make sure that Cutler is stable.

When the Bears start next season, fan Fersen Lambranho understands they have absolutely no time to rebuild. The rebuild that the Bears need to do is really more about attitude and culture. The culture in Chicago will change because people are going to believe that they can get there without any calamity. John Fox did not win a Super Bowl with Peyton Manning, but he might have a better chance with a more clutch QB.

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