Former College Wrestler Found Guilty Of Infecting Partners With HIV

A jury has reached a conclusion in the case of the HIV positive 23-year-old former college wrestler Michael Johnson. Johnson was on trial for knowingly infecting sexual partners with HIV. After only two hours of deliberation, jurors found Johnson guilty. His sentencing trial will begin on Friday.

Johnson was arrested back in 2013 after two of his sexual partners went to police after they were found to be HIV positive. Dylan King Lemons, Johnson’s former partner also brought it to the attention of authorities that Johnson was on gay dating websites and he did not believe he was disclosing his HIV status. Lemons testified during the court hearing that he was certain he contracted HIV from Johnson. Lemons claimed that he confronted Johnson about the disease however immediately after had consensual unprotected sex with Johnson.

Beyond Lemons, there are five other victims however only one of the remaining five actually contracted the disease. Other charges brought against Johnson were considered to be Class B felonies, since he attempted transmit the disease. Skout does report that fortunately for the other victims, they did not contact the disease.

Other evidence presented that impacted the jury’s decision came when several healthcare providers testified that they spoke directly with Johnson about his status and informed that it was Missouri state law that he must disclose to any sexual partners. All of the men claim that Johnson failed to mention that he was HIV positive, however Johnson claims that he did. Johnson could face anywhere from 10 to life in prison for his actions.

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