For Programming Expert Eric Pulier, Technology is a Tool to Help Humanity

Eric Pulier is truly a man of many achievements. The immensely successful entrepreneur was already a programmer by the time he finished elementary school. At a time when most kids are busy playing the latest computer games, Eric Pulier was already writing computer programs. For this talented young man, IT was everything, and by the time he was in high school his database company was already up and running.

While computer programming was clearly in Pulier’s blood, he went on to take English Literature and American at Harvard University, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from the university in 1988. While still at Harvard, Pulier enrolled for courses at MIT. He also served as columnist and editor of the Harvard Crimson.

Although an incredibly bright student at Harvard, it was technology that would take up much of Pulier’s time and attention when he graduated. In fact, just three years after his graduation, he founded a technology firm that he named People Doing Things. The company was dedicated to using technology to meet people’s educational and health needs. In 1994, Pulier founded Digital Evolution, another technology company to foster the work that his previous company was doing.

Pulier’s passion for applying technology to meet the needs of suffering people led to his creation of Starbright Works. This was a new platform dedicated to helping children that had chronic ailments come together and share their day-to-day experiences through blogs and chats. It was a creative demonstration of how technology could be used to impact the plight of people in need positively.

Currently, Eric Pulier is still an active participant in various talks and exhibitions on technology and health around the world. Some of the notable forums he has helped to facilitate include the 1997 Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington DC. His insight on the contribution of technology on health care was also substantially helpful in Al Gore’s health care and technology forum. Recently, VAR named Pulier one of the top 30 e-visionaries in the world.


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