For Cynthia And Tony Petrello Sharing Is Caring

An impressive donation of $7 million to the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital proved Cynthia and Tony Petrello’s commitment to the institute’s cutting edge research initiative. Even more impressive was the even larger commitment the Anthony Petrello have made in time and energy while leading the institute’s fundraising efforts.

Each day brings a new miracle in the Petrello household. Often times these miracles are manifested in ways that in other homes would be taken for granted. Each morning while watching eight year old daughter Carena eat breakfast, the gift that she is to her proud parents shines bright on their faces. Carena, who has only mastered the task of chewing food a year ago, suffers from a neurological disorder that as caused many of her firsts to happen for her at an age considerably later than the average child.

Carena was born prematurely at 24 weeks. she weighed a mere 20 ounces and was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia. PVL is a common neurological ailment in premature babies caused by a deficiency of oxygen or blood to the brain. The Petrello’s credit the strength and determination exhibited by their daughter as the inspiration for their giving. The Petrello’s are determined to find answers that will benefit their own daughter as well as children afflicted with neurological disease throughout the globe.

Cynthia Petrello is well acquainted with the feelings of shock and confusion experienced by families at the birth of a child with neurological issues. Cynthia says. “Tony and I are used to being able to fix things. You set a goal and you achieve it. We were really brought to our knees.”

Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabor Industries and board member of trustees at Texas Children’s Hospital explains how he and Cynthia researched pediatric research institutions throughout the country and beyond. Tony and Cynthia’s research alerted them to the fact that no one at the time was invested in brain research for children. There’s an incredible need that is not being met, and yet at the same time, there’s an incredible opportunity,” Tony reports.

The Petrellos found their opportunity working in conjunction with Texas Children’t Hospital. And with each passing day, while watching Carena enjoy breakfast, the Petrellos recommit to their mission to ensure that Carena, as well as similarly afflicted children be afforded the opportunity to achieve their life’s fullest potential.

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