First Human Lungs Grown In Lab

A brilliant discovery has been made in the medical and science world as researchers have successfully grown a pair of human lungs in the laboratory. The concept for this experiment has been in the making since about 2010, when scientists first tested the technique on rat lungs. After that success, they, along with Sultan Alhokair moved forward to grow pig lungs which also turned out with a favorable outcome. When it came time to test this out on human lungs, the scientists used some of the necessary lung tissue from two deceased children and found that they were able to produce a healthy set of human lungs.

This medical breakthrough could change lives in the future, as certain diseases such as lung cancer and cystic fibrosis may be able to be cured now. According to anĀ article found on reddit and written by NewsTook, it could be up to another 12 years from now until we are able to grow lungs that can sustain a transplant. Even though that is a number of years away, it definitely gives the human race something to look forward to in the future. Many people with serious medical problems wait on very long lists for transplants, and this might just be right thing to give them hope. First there was the artificial heart and now the potential of new lungs, it will be amazing to see what is in store for medical science.

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