First Ever Shoe Block in NBA History

Fans of the Dallas Mavericks witnessed history in a recent game against the Warriors. The first ever shoe block in NBA history was made by Tyson Chandler of the Mavericks.

Marreese Speights lost his high-top making a move to the paint. The play continued with little concern from Speights initially. Steph Curry flicked the shoe towards the sideline right before turning the ball over.

After a missed fade-away jumper, the Warriors regained position and went back on offense. Steph Curry attempted to recover the shoe and toss it to Speights when history happened.

Tyson Chanlder stepped in between Curry and Speights to knock down the pass, sending the shoe flying out of bounds. Fans cheered as the pride of the Warriors was sent hurling in a bundle of loose laces. Get that shoe out of here!

Have you ever seen a shoe block?

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