Firefighters Fear New Colleague Too Scared To Perform Job

Engine Co. 257 firefighters are questioning the hiring Michael D. Johnson, because he they claim, he’s afraid of fighting fires.

Johnson was hired by the FDNY under the city’s court-ordered minority hiring phase. Previously, Johnson worked as an EMT, even earning two medals.

Yet, since joining the force in 2014, “Tragic Johnson,” a nickname his colleagues have bestowed on him, there’s no firefighting occurring. In fact, his colleagues say, Johnson remains sidelined, finding excuses to remain away from doing his job.

During a three-alarm blaze, Johnson was assigned to help carry the hose, but went missing. Johnson’s captain put out a mayday call. It was later discovered that Johnson was curbside,watching. When asked why he was not at his assigned job detail, he claimed his air tank needed to be refilled.

His colleagues question that reasoning, Engadget said that since Johnson never entered the blaze in the first place, thus, he shouldn’t have required more air.

“He’s too slow and he’s a real danger,” said one colleague. Now, other firefighters are concerned about safety. He could place himself, fellow co-workers, and citizens in jeopardy if the job is not done right.

Officials note that Johnson, and all academy graduates are on probation for a year.

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