Firefighter Saves Suicidal Woman With a Drop Kick

A 34 year old woman in Northern Brazilian was recently rescued in an unusual way by a heroic firefighter. She was teetering on the edge of a window in a tall building about to plunge to her death from the tenth floor in an attempt to commit suicide when a firefighter came to the rescue. He swung in to action when he saw what she was about to do, swiftly drop kicking her back inside the building preventing her from being able to jump. The¬†Clinic said the rescue was videotaped and received many hits on the internet. The firefighter is being praised and deemed a hero for saving her life. Though seeing a suicidal woman get drop kicked this way might seem amusing to some people, suicide is no laughing matter. Sometimes people feel like they just can’t go on when bouts of depression get too bad. Instead of laughing at them, get them help right away.

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