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As the founder of numerous companies specializing in hedge fund management and other areas of national and international finance, Brad Reifler has demonstrated an ability to start with nothing and be able to create something special. Having founded a number of financial services companies since the 1980s, he has shown that for those who use their skills appropriately, great results can be had.

No matter what company he has founded over the past three decades, Brad has built it in his own vision and proven he knew exactly how to proceed. Getting his start as the founder of Reifler Trading Company, he focused on managing discretionary accounts worth hundreds of millions of dollars for a variety of clients. It was here that Brad began to develop and hone his skills in institutional research and information dissemination, allowing him to use the facts gained from this to grow the accounts even more. In fact, he was so successful with this initial company that in 2000 he finally sold it to Refco, Inc., which happens to be the world’s largest futures company.

In his current position as CEO of Forefront Capital as well as his 13-year stint as founder and CEO of Pali Capital, Brad has also achieved stunning results. At Pali, he and his team brought in more than $1 billion in commission income, while with Forefront he is working on strategies to help more and more people join the world of investing. A respected hedge fund manager and financial professional the world over, Brad has used his growing reputation for excellence to learn even more about finances. As he regularly consults with those working at Fortune 500 companies as well as with world-renowned economists, Brad demonstrates he is always open to new and innovative ideas to help his companies grow.

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