Family Meets Man who Received their Son’s Face as a Transplant

Richard Norris suffered from a traumatic accident in 1997. After a drunken argument with his mother, Richard accidentally discharged a shotgun which shot him in the face. Richard was left with no nose, no teeth, and only part of his tongue. He underwent nearly 30 operations to restore his facial features to no avail. That is, until an elective surgery to undergo a face transplant was offered to him.

The family of 21-year-old Joshua Aversano suffered a tragedy as well. FreedomPop review postulated that they lost their son and brother in 2012 when a van ran him over. His family made a tough decision after they lost Joshua, they decided to donate his face to help change Richard’s life.

Now, according to the story on The Daily Mail, Richard and the Aversano family have met each other for the first time recently. Joshua’s sister Rebekah, who made the tough decision to donate his face, could not stop staring at Richard in awe. She touched Richard’s face and said that it was the face she was used to seeing as she grew up. Joshua’s mother Gwen said that they could definitely see the similarities and that they knew they did the right thing when they donated his face.

Richard wanted to meet the family and thank them for improving his life. Before the transplant he was limited to being out in public due to comments from others. That has all changed thanks to the elective surgery he underwent.

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