Fabletics – Relying on Data to Provide Impeccable Products and Customer Services

One of the brands in the fashion world that came that saw, and it conquered, before its competitors could blink the eye, is Fabletics. The company has an awe inspiring success story. Even though it started as an innovative business in the fashion world where leaders like Amazon already had the market share of over 20 percent, it managed not only to sustain but also become hugely successful. Fabletics started just a few years back in 2013, but today does an annual business of over $245 million, which is a remarkable feat. Fabletics has been able to do that mainly because it has been able to understand the requirements of its customers and target audience. Providing the customers what they need and backing it up with attentive customer service are the two mantras that Fabletics live by.


Moreover, Fabletics relies highly on market data and statistics to make major business decisions as the company believes it can impact its business turnover and performance drastically and rightly so. As the online world has forced the marketing world to become more transparent, and people follow the trend of reading online reviews before making a purchase, it is important for the businesses to have a good reputation online. Any company with bad reputation online is sure to witness a negative impact on its activities. It has been proven through the surveys and the market reports that online reviews have a significant influence on how the customers shop online. Any negative review would immediately trigger a person to switch to other companies that are competitors.


It is for this very reason, Fabletics has a review based sales and marketing strategy that relies on providing customers with excellent service and in return ask them a favor of an honest review. The company has been able to garner a lot of positive reviews from the time it was launched, and it has also positively influenced its online and market image. Fabletics is one of the biggest brands in the athleisure business today, and its marketing strategy is being copied by many other firms as well, simply because it works. Fabletics says that online reviews can make or break the business, and thus, it is important for the companies to focus on ensuring that customers are satisfied to the T. Customers interested in Fabletics must take their Lifestyle Quiz, available at their e-commerce site online. It would give an idea of how they personalize the shopping experience for its customers.

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