Eric Pulier’s Keys to Success

Silicon Valley is filled with brilliant people who have dreams of creating a tech startup and having it become an enormous success. Eric Pulier has already experienced the thrilling feeling of launching a profitable startup numerous times in his legendary career. He has been asked why he regularly has success in an industry that is known for its high percentage of failures. Eric replies to this question in a very interesting way. He says that it is not an accident or luck that has allowed him to achieve what few others have. He believes it is the fact that every startup he launches is very carefully laid out in advance.

Pulier feels that many startups are doomed long before they are launched because of poor planning. He knows what he is talking about because he has dozens of successful startups under his belt. Eric has said in various interviews that many people in the startup industry only see dollar signs in their eyes. They are in such a hurry to launch their startup and begin raking in the cash that they will often neglect key aspects that are crucial for its success. This is why Eric takes several months putting together an effective strategy for every startup venture that he is a part of. This has allowed him to gain customer loyalty much faster than his competitors.

Eric learned the importance of having good organizational skills when he was an English literature major at Harvard. Launching a startup requires people to be organized. You must know what you need to accomplish and how you can go about doing it. This is vital if your tech startup has any chance of lasting more than one month. Pulier also stresses the importance of hiring a skilled web designer. You can never underestimate the impact that your site will have in the way that customers perceive you. Therefore, Pulier says you should only hire a web designer who has been working for at least five years. Eric hired the best web designers to work on the sites for ServiceMesh, Akana and Desktone. It clearly paid off.

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