EOS Lip Balm Rises and Women are the Main Customers

Homeowners can turn on their televisions to watch their favorite shows and see the commercials for the Evolution of Smooth lip balm products. There will be women in the commercials that are taking out one of the EOS lip balm spheres to drive away the possibility of chapped lips. If you see a print ad in a magazine it is typically going to be in a magazine like Marie Claire or Woman’s Day. It is not going to be the product that is advertised quite as much in GQ or Esquire. There is a reason for that, and the reason is that the target market is female consumers.

Fast Company has revealed the track to success for EOS, and a lot of this instant success has to do with the marketing department. Lots of companies have tried to create a marketing campaign that would appeal to different people – men and women – that would be tempted to buy lip chap products. What many marketing executives did not realize is that women were going to be the ones that would acquire more than half of the products that were being sold in the lip balm industry. The entertainment industry has a major celebrity, LL Cool J, that has been known for licking his lips. Here is a clear indication that men are not buyers of lip chap.

The fact that LL Cool J chooses to substitute his own saliva for lip balm may not have been the thing that marketing agents considered, but they had to consider the people that have been seen with the products the most. Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus are a few of the people that have been seen using the EOS products. That is a clear sign that the marketing department was going in the right audience. EOS sells their products on Walmart and stores like ULTA beauty soon follow.



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