EOS Lip Balm Faces Goliath Like Competition with the Strength of David

Chapstick is the brand that everyone knows, at least this is what Chapstick CEO and board members for this company may have assumed. It is the brand is lip balm that has been around for so long that it didn’t really need any advertising. Again, this may have been an incorrect assumption by the marketing department for Chapstick because a new rival has arrived, and it is generating the type of revenue that EOS used to generate.

According to Fast Company, EOS lip balm is the brand that is moving up in the lip balm industry as the leader. There are a lot of competitive brands out there, but EOS Lip Balm is leading the way because the youth are tuning into what this company is marketing.

The EOS brand of lip balm has become quite popular in recent years because there are an assortment of flavors and colors. This has allowed many people in party planning to use these products for you decorations. These have also become great party favors over the years. All of these are things that have allowed this lip balm company to grow at a rapid rate in a short amount of time. Certainly there is a large amount of buzz about this product line that is forming, and that is because it makes an excellent party favor. People that go to baby showers and wedding showers are getting this as a take home party favor. That also serves as an excellent decoration.

EOS is the Facebook popular brand that has managed to become very important in the lives of consumers because it has long-lasting flavors. It helps people keep their chapped lips from getting chapped, and it is a product that will not have to be replaced quickly because the spear is bigger than most lip balm tubes.


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