Enthusiastic Eaters

Enthusiastic eaters is a fitting description for low income urbanites in 30 states across the US, who have or are participating in programs to reduce consumption of junk foods and increase consumption of fruits and vegetables. Reporter Jane Brody describes the FVRx program in her December 1, 2014, article.

The fruit and vegetable prescription program, created by the nonprofit organization, Wholesome Wave, had its beginnings over 2 years ago at the Harlem Hospital Center. Health professionals worked with 50 obese children and adults on changing their eating habits to emphasize consumption of fruits and vegetables. One participant lost nearly 15 pounds in her 2 year enrollment in the program.

The participants are given a prescription, and funds to purchase their produce at local farmers’ markets, and are monitored regularly for weight loss by the program. The farmers benefit from a reported 37% increase in income, ability to expand their own production, and a regular flow of business. The participants benefit from improved health curtailing the possibility of developing diabetic or pre-diabetic conditions, or other such ailments.

Shout out to Christian Broda for being the first to tweet me about this weird story.

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