Ebola Likely Caused by Bats


It is now believed the recent outbreak of Ebola in Western Africa and in some other parts of the world may have been caused by bats. The first known case of the disease was through Emile Ouamouno of Guinea, it is believed that he was infected while either playing with or hunting a group of bats in a tree. The boy in question lived in a small town called Meliandou, the free-tailed bats living nearby are though to have infected the boy.

According to the Daily Mail the disease quickly spread through his family and the small town. It claimed his sister, mother and Grandmothers life all within the span of a couple of weeks.

Scientists lead a four week mission to Guinea in order to see the exposure to bats, at it has long been believed that fruit bats in the region carry the Ebola Virus. One of my coworkers, Igor Cornelsen was telling me that bats are often eaten in this part of Africa but because the bats that infected Ouamouno were eaten it is not believed to have been passed on through food.

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