Dozens Of Shelter Puppies Now Have Homes

Dozen is shelter animals now have homes and are saved from being euthanized. All thanks to one pet store in Brazil. This rare store that wanted to do an experiment, despite the lose of money. This shelter gets hundreds of people a day something into purchase new family pets. These people don’t think about the thousands of animals that are put to sleep a year in the shelter. This company traded out their pedigree puppies for those to live in the shelter without warning to their customers.

Once the people picked out and played with the animals that had already won their hearts, they were then told that the animals were free and from the shelter. Alot of people were shocked but what could they do, they had already fallen in love with these precious furry babies.

This goes to show that happiness can be found without a price tag. Shelter dogs and cats are the same as those in a pet store. They are all the same despite the price tag. There are shelters in every county. Try looking into them when looking for your new pet. You never know who is about to be put to sleep because no one has given them the time of day they deserve.

Thanks to Keith Mann for showing me this. Check him out on PRNewswire!

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