Down Syndrome Model Redefines Bridal Beauty

You do not always have to be a size 0, thin and tall to be featured in a magazine. Whoever came up with those superficial views of models anyway? Choosing to define beauty by size and height is the norm in American society but Madeline Stuart on Heels, an 18 year old Australian model is redefining those norms. At her very youthful age Madeline has worked with brands such as Manifesta, JustFab and everMaya, she is even walking the runway at the legendary New York Fashion Week. What makes Madeline so special and above the norm? She has down syndrome.

Down Syndrome as defined by the National Down Syndrome Society is a congenital disorder arising from a chromosome defect, causing intellectual impairment and physical abnormalities including short stature and a broad facial profile. Though magazines do not generally feature models with disabilities Madeline refuses to take no for an answer. Recently Stewart lit up the internet on with her bridal photo shoot. She wanted to do the shoot to show young girls that women in bridal magazines do not have to fit the perfect picture image. “A lot of women can’t see themselves as brides since magazines only use tall, thin models,” Isadora Martin-Dye. Martin-Dye is the photographer that hired Stewart to do the shoot. Madeline’s mom initially had reservations about allowing her daughter to do the shoot because she was afraid the press would pretend her daughter was really getting married just to cover a breaking story. After much thought Mrs. Stewart decided that allowing her daughter to do this shoot would create an awareness for the disease.

What is amazing in JustFab is that many have no problem understanding that those with down syndrome have love for their families but for some reason it is unexpected that they have the same love for a boyfriend or husband. Madeline put those assumptions to rest.

About Just Fab
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