Doug Levit’s Master Piece Greyhound Diaries Create Awareness on the Plight of Americans

Doug Levit was born and bred in Washington D.C from a well-known family in the U.S politics. With such status in the society, he joined Cornell University where he pursued a degree in Journalism. After which, Doug worked with major broadcasting corporations among which include CNN and BBC as a foreign correspondent. He was sent to work to Iran and Rwanda, most companies that had suffered from war to capture events and the state of affairs in these countries.

One of the biggest achievements of Doug Levit is his establishment and involvement in the Greyhound Diaries. As a journalist, Doug realized that despite terror attacks there is another group of people suffering amongst us who have no voice nor any form of representation. Using his journalist skills, he set off on a 120,000 miles journey that took him more than twelve years in the Greyhound Bus.

Along the journey, he captured pictures, engaged the travellers in dialogues and interviews digging deeper into their welfare state. He listened to the travellers stories, which were later used to develop a web and picture series. Additionally the stories were developed into music and a one man show. The Greyhound Diaries therefore captures and communicates the many struggles people are facing as they travel from one city to another, looking for better jobs and a source of livelihood for their families.

Speaking to other journalists during interviews, Doug Levit agrees that he didn’t know that is the career path he wanted to follow. Being a journalist is something that he wanted to do. Especially, to use his platform in the television to shed a light to the world of the suffering people around the world. However, after the death of his father, he realized he could use his artistic skills to help other Americans realize the difficulties others are facing and encourage something to be done to improve their status.

Doug Levit’s compassion and devotion to the suffering is something worth to be commended. He has devoted his career and time to help spread awareness of our fellow brothers and sisters struggling with their lives to make ends meet.

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