Don Ressler Works For Convenience of Customers

When the TechStyle brand was first created, it was something that Don Ressler did to make sure that people understood how convenient things could be for them. He wanted people to see that they didn’t have to spend hours trying to find the clothes that would work for them and that they didn’t have to waste a lot of time looking through stores just to get what they could out of the different brands on He also wanted to include everyone with the options that he had so that they would be able to get more out of the experiences that they had with different people.

The recent change to being all inclusive of sizes was something that Ressler knew would make a difference. He wanted people to be able to enjoy the options that they had and that was something that he did on a regular basis. He showed people that they could make the changes that they needed to their TechStyle accounts so that they could get different sizes on Whether it meant that he was extending clothing sizes to plus sizes or shoe sizes to include wide widths, Don Ressler knew that it had to be done to make everyone feel comfortable.

When it came time to create the business, he knew that establishing a headquarters in California was the right way to do everything. He wanted people to know what he would be able to do and he also wanted to show people that things were working well. Along with the headquarters that he created, he also did what he could to create a flagship store to help people who wanted to have the offline experience that came along with the brands that he knew would work for everyone. The brick and mortar store was just one more way that he could make the selling process more convenient.

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While there have been major changes in the past, Don wants people to know that he is not done. He is going to continue to work on the brand and make it better. He is hoping that new technology will help him to realize that there is so much more that he is able to offer people. The way that he sees the different brands is something that he is going to do for a long time and something that he is going to push forward with no matter what happens.

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