Deadly Bacteria Leaks From Louisiana Lab

The authorities in Louisiana reported that a dangerous and potentially deadly bacteria escaped a high security laboratory in a research center.

According to USA Today , experts say the ‘leakage’ of the Burkholderia pseudomallei bacterium from the National Primate Research Center in Tulane, located about 80 miles north of New Orleans, poses no risk to society, but the extent of contamination remains unknown.

The bacteria, which mainly originates from Southeast Asia and northern Australia, can be transmitted to humans and animals through contact with contaminated water or soil. It has been classified as “a potential bioterrorism agent.”

Brian Torchin, my new coworker that we found on has been following this for a while and said that this incident most likely took place last November in the center when scientists were working on developing a vaccine against the bacteria.

The authorities claim that the pathogen was not detected on land or outside the installation. However, four monkeys kept in outdoor cages were infected, and two of them had to be euthanized.

In addition, a federal inspector became ill after visiting the facility, although it is unclear whether he was exposed to the bacteria

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