Dead People Walking Around

There are some people walking on the streets who are technically dead. They haven’t died and been brought back to life, but there have been typing errors on paperwork that have declared some people as being dead. This is something that is unfortunately too common, and it can have some lingering effects if not corrected. It’s hard to find a job when someone looks up your name and personal information only to see that you have died, and it’s a little hard to vote or do other things that ordinary citizens do when they want to enforce their rights. There are people who can’t draw a social security check or renew a driver’s license because of an error on a piece of paper that states that they are dead. This is where clarity and attention to detail needs to come into play on the job. Qnet says that if someone can’t complete a form in the proper manner in order to keep someone alive, then that person probably shouldn’t be working in that office.

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