Darius Fisher – The Man To Call When You Need A Second Chance

What do you do when you’re facing a digital reputation crisis? Call Darius Fisher, whose online reputation management firm helps high-profile businesses, brands, and individuals all over the world keep their digital reputations intact.

A former political consultant and copywriter, Fisher is the president and one of the founders of Status Labs, a four-year-old online reputation management specialist firm that serves well over a thousand clients worldwide. Headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in Sao Paulo and New York, Status Labs specializes in restoring and protecting online personas and reputations with what Fisher describes as “effective digital marketing and PR strategies”.

Status Labs serves both individuals and businesses, with a client list that includes Fortune 500 brands as well as public figures. The firm was built on Fisher’s innovative strategic vision, which is based on building strong partnerships with influential agencies, recruiting industry-leading teams, and regenerating positive attitudes toward clients by developing powerful, accurate, and engaging content.

Darius Fisher says his position as a digital reputation ‘fixer’ is crucial because the information reported about public figures is never complete and there are always two sides to every story. Status Labs’ reputation recovery process is based on the idea that what the public reads or hears online doesn’t always give a full and accurate picture, and Fisher describes his company’s function as “trying to give clients a second chance by helping them tell their story online.”

According to Fisher, telling the client’s story in a fresh and genuinely interesting way is key to Status Labs’ success at digital reputation restoration. Noting that changing search results takes both hard work and extensive planning, he describes the process of creating and promoting fresh content as “feeding Google’s search engine” with relevant material that offers a new and viable perspective.

Fisher and his firm showcase their clients’ professional achievements and positive aspects through a variety of online outlets, including personal websites, social media profiles, press releases, and more. He stresses that best online practices, like monitoring your own Google results and maintaining privacy on social media, apply across the board, whether you’re a Fortune 500 brand or an individual.

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