Customer Leaves Full Set of Dental Implants as Tip

Healthy teeth and a beautiful smile are what most people see first when they meet another person. It is also what many people judge you on when they see it. Yellow, rotting or missing teeth is a big turn off to a lot of people. It is odd that healthy teeth are the key to a healthy body, yet dental is not covered by basic health insurance.

The exorbitant fees associated with getting the proper dental care when a person does not have dental coverage makes it nearly impossible to keep a bright smile and healthy gums. Some people have to go without the treatments and end up with a lot more damage because they simply do not have the money to take care of the problem. One waiter in Wichita no longer has to wait to get dental care, though.

A customer saw the state of the man’s teeth and talked to the manager at the restaurant said Within minutes, the waiter was given the tip of his lifetime. The customer left him a $25,000 tip with the express purpose of letting him get the dental work done that he needed. The generous tip allowed the waiter to get his remaining teeth pulled, get a new set of dentures, and with time, he will get a full set of dental implants. His smile is now the smile that every person dreams of having. One customer that acted instead of making snide remarks changed another man’s life forever.

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