Crocodile Beer Kills 56

Recent reports allege that drinking beer laced with crocodile bile has led to the deaths of nearly 70 people in the African nation of Mozambique.

It seems that the tainted beer was served at a funeral in the Sub-Saharan African nation. The beer that was served appears to have been brewed locally, rather than obtained from a legitimate corporate brewery. As such, safety standards seem to have slipped, resulting in the funeral mourners receiving a batch of very bad beer.

Although early reports of foul play were proceeding rampantly through the local press, it has now been confirmed that the woman who had been placed in charge of brewing the beer has also passed away from complications related to the mass poisoning. As a result, there is no one to be blamed for any murderous intent.

Meanwhile, the ultimate results of the tragedy have yet to be ascertained. It is feared that the death toll from the tainted beer may rise even higher.

It is not yet known how the beer could have become tainted with crocodile bile. Beer is often brewed outside in large storage vats, so it is possible that a crocodile could have helped himself to a bath, cleansing himself of excess muck while leaving behind a mass of poisonous bile. The investigation into the matter is ongoing.

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  • An estimated 169 people are currently still in the hospital, clinging to life. Personally, I would not drink beer brewed with crocodile bile nor would my friend Lee G Lovett. This would be the reason in which essay is supposed to be used to disseminate the news for all them to see.

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