Cotemar Expanding its Operations Following the Growth of Mexican Economy


Mexico has a broad coverage of unexplored resources from the expansive oil and energy industry to Maritime. Thousands of individuals have benefited from these industries by getting direct or indirect employment and hence boosting the Mexican economy. One of the companies specializing in exploiting these resources is Cotemar Mexico.

The company provides a wide range of services in the energy industry such as offshore construction and maintenance, maritime and petroleum as well as specialized ships. The company has established itself as a leader in the Mexican oil industry, having worked for over thirty years in the industry. Cotemar has caught the attention of prominent media companies like Expansión, CNN’s affiliate, which has highlighted its successful operations.


Services Provided by Cotemar


The firm’s goal is to ensure that operations within the petroleum sector are moving on smoothly. Cotemar develops, constructs and maintains offshore fields to enhance their productivity. The company uses specialized machines and equipment to provide high level services to those working in the marine industry. They provide services like food, accommodation and transport to both marine workers and materials.

Cotemar is recognized in Mexico for providing petroleum services to Petroleos Mixicanos, one of the leading companies in the oil industry. The company was established in 1979 and is fully owned by Mexican. Initially, its services only focused on the energy sector, but later expanded its portfolio to serve other industry. Recently, the company embarked on a new business model that would integrate a range of elements to enhance service delivery. The company has ventured into other line of operations including engineering, maintenance and construction services.

Working at Cotemar Mexico

The company has a robust mechanism of training, developing, equipping and retaining top talents within its team. It has an effective program that motivates employees showing high level potential and competencies. Cotemar has been partnering with top executive recruiters in the industry to ensure top talents are recruited. Top performers are rewarded handsomely by the company, while low performers are given the opportunity to improve their performance through further training.

The firm is focusing on expanding their coverage in the production processes by using advanced equipment and also applying new and innovative business models. Cotemar’s values are based on integrity, transparency and honesty, aiming to provide excellent services. The company ensures there are sustainable solutions between the environment, neighboring communities and its resources. It all established laws and regulations during its operations. 

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