Confusion on Christmas

Christmas is the season when kids have their school plays are the most fun for their parents, particularly when it comes to the numerous nativity plays. They try to get the best costumes ready for their kids to shine on the stage in front of the schoolmates, but sometimes they can overdo it.

My friend Andrew Heiberger shared the case of Ilya Gavrichenko, a 12-year-old boy from Russia, who proudly announced his parents that he was going to play Joseph in the Christmas play. The parents found army clothes and boots for the boy.

In order to make a realistic Joseph look, they added a mustache in the inimitable style like Joseph Stalin used to have. The only mistake was that the Christmas play was about the birth of Christ, and the boy’s role was Joseph of Nazareth.

He had to go on stage dressed as he was because there obviously was no way to get another costume right away. The parents only realized the mistake when they saw their child not matching the environment on stage.

The other parents were giggling, and what was planned to become a brilliant performance became a topic for jokes. Mixing up the father of Jesus with a USSR ruler is a mistake you would not expect, but Christmas time makes some people so merry they get confused.

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