Concert Wristbands Bring Help

Three girls were on their way home from a Taylor Swift concert when something horrible happened. There car ran into the ditch and struck a pole. These girls were trapped in their car in the dark with no way to get out and no way to get help. These girls thought that they were going to be stuck forever, but then they found help in an unusual way. Those at Amen Clinics were blown away with their creativity.

These girls were wearing wristbands from the Taylor Swift concert, and these wristbands just happened to be light up wristbands. The girls tapped their wrists against the windows of their vehicle in order to get the attention of someone passing by. These girls were rescued, receiving the help that they needed because of the wristbands that they were wearing. These girls were saved through the help of concert wristbands. These girls wouldn’t have gotten the help that they received if not for the lights on their wristbands.

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