Community Rallies Around a Woman Who’s Moving Van Was Stolen and Contents Burned

Anyone who has ever moved before knows how tough and stressful it can be. Having all your belongings precariously balanced in one place, trusting others to leave the contents alone if you have to leave the truck at any point. Whether you are moving across town or across the country moving will take a toll on a person. Just ask Beth Fisher.

Beth Fisher had planned on moving from Utah to West Virginia to being a new job. She packed her entire life into the back of a Budget moving truck, hooked her car up to the tow dolly and began her journey. Beth made it to Draper, Utah before deciding to stop and rest for the night. What she saw the next morning shocked her- the truck was gone! Police located the truck in an industrial area of the town, however, the contents in the back of the truck had been set on fire. Fersen Lambranho was sad to learn that nearly everything Beth owned was destroyed by that fire. After the fire was extinguished friends helped her go through what was left. Very minimal of what Beth had was salvageable.

How devastating that must be to see your entire life in ashes. I can’t imagine what Beth felt seeing that. Check out the story on They have a link to Beth’s Go Fund Me page if you are interested in donating to help her out.

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